Aeterna Wiki

When first joining the server you will spawn in the tutorial hub area

Make sure to look around and learn about Aeternas custom mobs, items, and classes.

Speaking of classes,

Each of these classes have their own unique fighting styles, and are better suited to different stat builds. (You can also select a class with /class)!

To begin having fun on Aeterna, you must either pick a nation, or become a barbarian.

To pick a nation simply follow the tutorial and go to the NPC that represents the nation you wish to go to.

This server is a Greco-Roma-Persia-Carthagian server with lore elements and roleplay elements. There are four nations

Rome - Owned by Gaming

Carthage - Owned by Astrelos

Persia - Owned by Nomz

Greece - Owned by Wizlevard

You can either pick one of these nations or do /wtp ( Which teleports you into the wild ), and become a barbarian. But be warned, if you choose this route that other players will be able to loot and grief you.

With all this in mind, join Aeterna at on 1.18.