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Rules as documented by NomzHD 03.31.2021 07:34pm CST

Aeterna War Rules[]

  1. Griefing vs Looting: Because we are a war server we do allow looting, however we do not allow griefing. Destruction of builds does nothing but upset the creator and is not allowed. To be clear; creating a TNT cannon to target chests and gain loot, or using a TNT cannon to get through walls is allowed, however just blowing up a build to make the creator angry is not allowed.
    1. If you have conquered a town, the same rules still apply since the original creators can still take it back through war. You still cannot burn it down or blow it up, only loot it.
    2. The usage of withers for raiding is prohibited.​
    3. In order to raze or grief a town, the town must be conquered for at least twelve hours.
  2. All warring (aka non-neutral) towns and nations must have their primary domicile at the location of, or in immediate vicinity of, their home block. The town must consist of a claimed area of at minimum, 3x3 chunks.
  3. In order to declare war, town & nation members must have complete and explicit agreement from their designated town & nation leaders.
  4. In order to declare war you must possess a population of, at minimum, three or more residents in your town with six or more residents in your nation overall.
    1. One town nations (also known as "City-States") may declare war as long as their town has six or more total members.
  5. Due to unfair advantage on the field of battle; Gods cannot wage offensive wars. However they may defend their own town, or any other town, within their nation at their own discretion. Foreign towns or nations are left to the disposal of their own resources or their own domestic deities.
    1. Example scenario: If Hades is in the nation "Greece", he may defend any town in the nation of "Greece". However he cannot directly defend "Roman" towns, as the nation of "Rome" is outside of his direct sphere of influence.

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  1. War-Flagging Rules: Using exploits to aid in war-flagging or avoid being war-flagged is prohibited.
    1. Grace Period: All towns must be in a nation within 24 hours of creation unless created by new players. New players have an extended grace period of 5 days to join a nation.​
    2. Flag Avoidance​:
      1. You may not leave a nation to avoid being war-flagged​.
      2. No town shall exploit world height. No block in any plot can exceed y=251 or else it is impossible to plant a war flag. You may build to the height limit but know that in war your build may be trimmed to comply with height regulation.​
      3. This includes building within 100 blocks of a world border.​
    3. Flag Placement​:
      1. Flags must be placed at Ground Level​.
      2. Flags may be surrounded by blocks. However these barriers can only be one block thick.
    4. True Edge Rule: Attacking must start from the true edge of a town. You may not use embassies or outposts to get a jump start. Similarly defending towns may not claim behind the plots of an attacking town in an attempt to push back the true edge of a town.

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  1. War Logging Rules:
    1. War-Logging is prohibited if certain conditions are not met. Leaving the server to avoid being flagged is considered a war-log if at least one of the following conditions are met:
      1. Disconnecting while a war-flag is currently in place against your town.
      2. Disconnecting within 5 minutes of the last war-flag placement.​
    2. War-Logging is allowed if certain conditions are met. You are exempt from warlog punishment if the following conditions are met:
      1. 3:1 Ratio: Your nation and allied nations (excluding neutral nations), if applicable, are outnumbered by a ratio greater than or equal to 3:1, e.g. 1 v. 3+, 2 v. 6+, 3 v. 9+, etc. Must not be outnumbered due to your nation members or allies logging out within 5 minutes of an enemy flag or declaration.
      2. For a warlog to occur, all players from a town must disconnect, therefore if one player remains online while others disconnect, it is not a warlog.

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  1. Nation Neutrality: To enter nation neutrality please fill out a neutrality declaration and post it in #national-declarations within our discord. To be accepted, your nation must meet the requirements listed below. Violations of these rules may result in fines or loss of neutrality.
    1. Players in the nation cannot have initiated an attack on another town or nation.​
    2. Players in the nation cannot have been involved in any PvP engagement in the last 14 days (may be waived in case of self defense).
    3. Players in the nation cannot have been involved in any form of theft or grief within the last 14 days.
    4. No players outside of your town may have items stored in your town when you become neutral.​
  2. Neutrality Rules​:
    1. Neutrality can be lost if a nation resident commits theft or murder and the nation does not exile them within 48hrs.
      1. Even if an agreement is arranged between both parties, and the thief or murderer remains in the nation, a new 14 day timer is initiated as a show of good faith from the residents of the nation. If the nation does not exile their thief or murderer, and then engages in a war, they are officially revoked of neutral privileges. ​
    2. Neutral nations may enter war by choice at any given time, but then must maintain a 14 day PvP free period again to re-enter Neutrality after warring period. Defending from an attack does not count against the 14 day period so long as the defending nation did not instigate or seek out violence.​
    3. Neutral players may not allow other players to store items in their town.​
    4. Neutral towns/players can not function as a "factory" for a warring group/player. Selling war supplies is allowed, however, exclusively funding one side of a war to the point where you are functioning as a "factory" is not allowed.​
    5. You may not untoggle neutrality temporarily to participate in an offensive and retoggle it later.
    6. Towns/players may leave neutral nations at any time, but must wait AT LEAST 48 hours since they left to participate in any PvP/military engagement, including warflagging.​
    7. Neutral players must act in a way that does not incite violence. When in another player’s town they must follow the wishes of the mayor. Threats, intimidation, and insults are all prohibited. If you are attacked as a neutral player you may only fight back if you believe you are going to die.
      1. If in violation of this rule, refer to guideline #1 listed above. ​
    8. It is the nation and town leaders' responsibility to instruct all their citizens to not participate in any war-related PvP conflict or war-flagging in the interest of maintaining neutrality. Server staff will NOT be held liable for the actions of individuals within a nation outside of their own.​
  3. Protections​ for Neutral Parties:
    1. Other players/nations may not attack neutral nation towns or members in ways such as, but not limited to, TNT cannoning or PVP while inside the neutral territory. However, neutral players outside of their territory may be attacked.​
    2. If you are asked by a neutral nation to leave their nation, you must comply.