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729 BCE / XXIV Ann. Ab Urbe Condita

The sun rose on another stunning day on Mother Gaia.

The streets of Aquitania were busy with workers heading to their stations for their daily labour, birds sang their beautiful songs across the treetops on the Isle of Ogygia, Byzantium laid down planks of wood in their expansion, and Arcadian nymphs and naiads danced and frolicked with Pan among his berry fields. Within the nation of Rome, the herald and personification of honour among the Gods, Honos, was like a breath of fresh air.

Not only did he personify the first new Divine being born of man, but he stood as a beacon of strength for both the mortal and immortals alike. A bridge between worlds. But much like another fallen God, ego and immaturity still pumped through his young veins. As Honos was without Divine family, he frequented the different kingdoms of his fellow Olympians. The Temple of Bacchus, the coastal paradise' of Neptune, the citadel of Olympus where the King himself sat, and deep, deep underground... at the Gates of Tartarus; where Hades was found with the ever increasing souls of the dead.

"You musn't be here, Honos. The shades of the dead desire privacy, and peace, not war and violence."

Honos would laugh at the Old God and run amok regardless, cutting cursed spirits down with his enchanted weapons and mocking their suffering.

"Honos you musn't come to the Fields of Asphodel. Tartarus is nearby and he musn't ever be awoken. The Titans lay inside and they would destroy the mortals should they escape. We must protect them and keep the doors sealed."

Honos wove and ran around Hades, resisting his cautious words and exploring nonetheless. As his divine body grew stronger, and his fame across Rome increased with the blessings of his followers, he even began to swim in the Rivers of Styx. Empowering his body further as the ancient River groaned, her body irritated by the touch of a living which could not die.

"ENOUGH HONOS. You trample upon my Kingdom no more. You insult these souls no more. You violate the peace of the Primordial no more. Begone or face my blade."

Honos drew his weapons and attacked Pluto with intense ferocity. Beating back the Old God with his skill and desire for victory in battle, equal to the God of War himself, Ares.

As the battle continued, Pluto's own family came to stand against him with his younger sister, Ceres, brandishing her fists against him and plowing him into the course, hot coals of the Underworld floor. Over and over Hades was beaten down. Gauntlets, axes, hammers, fire, lightning, exhaustion, all battering his body until he could stand no more... and simply... left. Honos and his allies triumphantly celebrated as the House of Hades was looted and destroyed for its riches and left the domain of death as it withered away.

The ground was sucked up and absorbed by Gaia as she reclaimed that which was once hers. Trees, plains, buildings pulled in further, further, further, further until... It no longer was. With Godly Ichor, dripping from his mouth, Hyperion stood at the entrance to Tartarus. The gates torn apart, the primordial awakened, and he laughed. Strengthened by the blood of the First of his King's children, Hyperion was reborn once again and ready to reclaim the mortal world for his Lord and King, Kronos. The Titan Lord.

The Titans have begun to Rise Again