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740 BCE / XIII Ann. Ab Urbe Condita

Despite the world changing impact of the conflicts between The Heroes of Past and the Divine Spirits of the Old World, the Holy Grail was not such an instrument that could simply be put down to rest. It stirred in it's vault within Tartarus, hungry for the blood of heroes. And it would have such blood. Upon hearing the whispering promises of glory and gold, eighteen challengers arose to face each other in great battle for the ownership of The Holy Grail and it's blessed wish.

The combat was violent and bloody. One by one in the coming days of conflict, Praetor's and their chosen Gladiators fell to the blades of one another until The Lord of Death himself and the son of his brother Neptune, remained. Triton, weak and wary from the violence of the battles, hid within a bunker deep beneath the planet's surface. He had not prepared himself for the sacrifices the Grail demanded and begged with his cousin, Apollo, to spare him in return for his wish fulfilled. Rather than face battle and bring pride and bravery to the House of Neptune, Triton traded away with Apollo and seized victory in a way the Grail had not been designed... but seized victory nonetheless.

From the ashes of violence and betrayal, Pluto arose, victorious... with Triton soaking in the blood of the fallen in his wake, desperate to rise above and defeat the Gods who formed a barrier of pure undefeatable power in front of him... the Gods among The Court of Olympus.