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753 BCE - Ann. Urbe Condita

In the Early days, after the defeat of the Titans in the Titanomachy, the Olympians basked in their newfound Kingdom.

Presiding over the Mortal Realm in their Heavenly Cloud of luxury and comfort, on a floating isle imbued with the magical properties of Enchanted, Gilded, Gold. All the Olympians spare one, the eldest brother of Jupiter. Deep underground in his lava drenched Kingdom, Pluto paced in frustration. How dare his own family live in such prosperity while he is damned to ceaselessly govern over the endless flow of spirits sinking into the below. How dare they reap the benefits of the overworld which he himself deserved equal due?

But no longer, Pluto thought. In a moment of anger the God created a new creature, similar to that of the common folk of the overworld, but with a strange, innate desire for... gold. Lord Pluto shook the ground ferociously, leveling homes above and ripping a tear across the land and through that tear his new followers saw it, glimmering high above. Gold. Heaps of it. A MOUNTAIN FULL OF IT. His creations climbed out of the ground ravenous for their glimmering, glittering prize and robbed Olympus of every small piece of Imperial Gold embedded in the mountain and brought it down to the Underworld to be trapped forever... A transgression the new King of the Gods would not soon forgive. Although the gold now rest far beyond his ability to retrieve, he took something from the new dwellers of the deep which they would sorely miss. The ability to live amongst sunshine. Should they steal for the Underworld, they will forever be trapped to the Underworld.

In the following years after the curse was laid into the Underworld, the pieces of Gold once stolen from Olympus were scattered to the winds, to reside up in worlds beyond both mortal and Olympian