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738 BCE / XV Ann. Ab Urbe Condita

Byzantium grew suddenly, like a fire. From nothing it sparked to life and grew from simple flame to raging blaze. And much like any fire, it craved more kindling. And one such kindling, was Derheim.

You may recall Derheim as the home of a particular maiden... One famous for a Battle of Wits. Sneakily, as though Hermes himself, Paige stole away a prized weapon from the strong army of Byzantium and held it for payment, demanding a small fortune for it's return. However, she underestimated the blazing inferno that had been quietly growing in the Roman countryside. Without a moments notice, Byzantium struck and conquered the Derheim forest and laid claim to it as their new lands.

From his workshop, Pluto couldn't help but be annoyed with the constant noise and bustle in the mortal realm high above him. "What on Gaia could possibly be happening for the mortals to be causing me so much annoyance!?" As he rose up from the shadows, his dear friend, Pan, the God of the Wilds, told him of the troubles which had befallen Derheim... So Lord Pluto held court! As witnesses were questioned, statements given, and sweat beaded, the resolution came simple to the fair Judge of the Dead.

Byzantium was dishonourable in waging war against such a weak enemy. As a Roman city, Pluto decided that it was not within their right to wage war without the consent of their Precips, his young Nephew, Bacchus. Sentencing them to a fine of drachma and demanding the return of Derheim land, Pluto returned to his palace of darkness and brimstone happily.. where he continued peeling a pomegranate.